We offer
    1. Custom Lampshades
    2. Custom Lampshades Since 2013, we have been committed to the design and production of beautiful and high quality fabric lampshades.We offer more ... More
    1. Softback Lampshade
    2. Softback Lampshade Our softback lampshades are classic, traditional lighting accessories, available in a variety of styles and appearances to meet ... More
    1. Hardback Lampshade
    2. Hardback Lampshade Our hardback lampshades are both concise and stylish, available in different shapes, fabrics, and frames to create an extensive ... More

Reasons for changing your lampshade

Different seasons, different festivals, different moods need different lampshades.A new environment, a new lampshade.Easy to change and less money spend.Bring you a new feeling.

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